Ujunwa Ojemeni

Ujunwa OjemeniMaster of Public Policy

I believe sustainable finance, access to energy and gender inclusion are key to reducing poverty. As such, I obtained a Master’s Degree in Development Finance at the University of Manchester and began my career in management consulting, and thereafter, gas and power infrastructure assets development, and off grid energy investment.

In my pursuit for broader impact, my most recent role the Office of the Honourable Commissioner for Energy & Mineral Resources Lagos State, Nigeria, is focused on policies, investments, and strategies to deliver reliable energy to the citizens of the State.

To increase the participation of women in the sector, I founded the African Women in Energy Development Initiative (AWEDI Network), focused on mentorship, policy advocacy, professional and leadership development.

My policy interests lie in energy policy formulation, climate change mitigation and greater gender representation, and I am keen to contribute further by fine tuning my skills through the Masters in Public Policy program.