The Graduate Common Room (GCR)

The Graduate Common Room (known as the GCR) lies at the heart of college student activities, and all Green Templeton students, irrespective of their status or place of residence, are automatically members. If you have any suggestions, complaints, or concerns, please submit them through this form.

GCR Committee for 2021-2022

President: Ache Atta-Boateng

Acheampong Atta-Boateng wears a checked shirt under a grey jumper as he smiles in a garden with trees behind him

I work with the Graduate Common Room Committee (GCRC) alongside college staff to advocate and promote student interest within and outside the College. The GCRC supports all student-led initiatives that are essential to the academic and social life at the college. I look forward to engaging with you this academic year to learn about your ideas, concerns and to work together on student initiatives.


Vice-President (Welfare): Georgina King

Georgina King standing in front of the sea wearing a top with flowers on

Hi, I’m the VP welfare Georgie! My main roles involve coordinating all the welfare events in college- from our weekly events like snacks and chats or brunch to more fun one off things like herb planting events! I work closely with both college staff involved in welfare and our wonderful peer supporters so I’m always a good point of contact if you don’t know who to bring a welfare related topic to! I’m a big fan of pastries (so brunch is my dream job!) and all animals so you may see me about college following the cat/ foxes/ any other miscellaneous furry creatures! If you ever want someone to chat to or just an excuse to leave the library do come along to one of our events or email me


Vice-Presidents (Equality and Diversity): Jessica Ivie and Capucine Tibi

Capunine Tibi walking in a woodland

Capucine Tibi Pictured

As the VP’s of equality and diversity, we are here to ensure that students are represented and treated equally regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, identity, religion or nationality. If you have any idea or concerns you would like to raise, please write to us!


Vice-President (Entertainment): Emily Hulse

Emily Hulse head and shoulders smiling wearing an orange top

As the VP of entertainment, my role is to help unite the student body with engaging social events through a GCR social agenda and term card. I know that through the incredible events we organise as the Entertainment team, we can once again have a vibrant social community after the tough isolation of the pandemic. GTC members will be able to have enjoyable and well-structured events that they can look forward to & to connect themselves with their community during their time at Oxford. I also hope to have an open forum with GTC members and the GCR, so please do not hesitate to email me if you wish to volunteer or make a suggestion for an event. 


Secretary:  Trishna Desai

Trishna Desai wearing a navy coat and red top stood at the top of a hill

As secretary, I am here to support and liaise between members of the college and within the GCRC in order to champion individual and collective interests and needs. If you have any general questions or aren’t sure where to go, feel free to contact me


Treasurer: Trinh Doan


Black Students Representative: Josephine Agyeman-Duah (Jossey)

My role is to advocate for sustainable actions aimed at addressing inequalities affecting Black and Minority Ethnic groups. I will work with the College Office and GCR Committee to facilitate actions which will promote the wellbeing and progression of Black students at GTC.

Email Jossey:

Charities and Development Officer: Brittany Johnson

Brittany wearing sub fusc

Hi! I’m Brittany Johnson and I’m so excited to serve as your Development and Charities Officer for the 2021-2022 academic year. My role is two-fold: on the charities side, I work to connect GTC students with opportunities to make a positive difference in the Oxford community, whether through events or initiatives planned by the GCR or through partnerships with existing charities. My goal is to develop fun and engaging events that will bring GTC together and help those in need – especially those near to us in Oxford. On the development side, my job is to connect current GTC students with the college’s diverse alumni network to foster engagement, show appreciation, and create new opportunities for students and alumni alike. If you have any ideas for charity or development events, a particular charitable cause you’d like to see GTC support, or would like to be connected to GTC alumni via the development office, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. I love meeting other GTC students and working as a team to accomplish great things.


Couples and Families Representatives: Lisa Mail and Peter Grellial

Peter Grelliak in front of a blue background wearing a stripped top

Peter Grelliak Pictured

Peter and Lisa here, we’ll be supporting GTC couples and families as best as we can so that they can be included in college life and feel part of the community. We are hoping to put on lots of fun events for both couples and families throughout the year and are open to ideas from anyone regarding specific events or ways to further support them. We would love for families and couples to form a strong part of the GTC community.


Environmental Officers: Sarah Levy, Julia Knox and Ujunwa Ojemeni

Sarah Levy in sub fusc in front of the Radcliffe camera holding a toy seal. Julia Knox stood in front of a cream back ground wearing a brown suit jacket. Ujunwa Ojemeni stood in front of a dark background with her arms crossed wearing a navy dress.

We are Sarah, Julia and Ujunwa – your Environmental Representatives for the GCR during the 2021-2022 academic year. We’re here to support GTC to continue being a trailblazer in sustainability amongst colleges at the University. We are keen to increase students’ participation and interest in sustainability matters, to encourage them to get involved and act. We hope for increased energy and water savings in the college, more tree planting and reuse of products. Feel free to reach out to us to share any ideas for initiatives that you would like to see the college promote!


External Entertainment Officers: Vishnupriya Gupta and Vinohar Sudhandhira Kumar

Vishnupriya Gupta And vinohar Sudhandhira Kumar

We’re Vishnupriya (VP) and Vinohar, your External Entertainment GCR Reps for the 2021-2022 academic year. We’re here to create opportunities for you to socialize with other members of GTC and other colleges by organizing college exchange formals, bar exchanges and events around Oxford. Our aim is for everyone to have a space to let loose, have fun and spend some time away from the serious stuff. We’re a big community here at GTC with many different views of what to do for fun. Reach out to us with your ideas of activities outside the college that you would like to do for fun


Female Welfare Officer: Maricarmen Pacheco

Maricarmen Pacheco wearing black top with sparkles in front of a grey background

Hello everyone! I am MariCarmen Pacheco, your female welfare officer. I am here to support you and make your time here the best it can be. If there is something we could be doing to improve the GTC community let me know!


International Students Representative: Claire (Yu) Hao

Claire Hao Gcr smiling in front of trees

I am here for all of you, and we can celebrate the amazing international diversity at GTC. We could make use of cultural, language, food, drinks, inter-college events, or any social opportunities for us to explore, learn, and experience together. If you have any ideas, please feel free to reach out, and we will have fun and meaningful college experiences.


Internal Entertainment Officer: Leah Tillman


LGBTQ+ Representatives: Isabella Camplisson and Raphael Maristela

Izzy And Raffy

We are Izzy and Raffy – your LGBTQ+ reps for 2021-22! From chill game nights to open discussions about queer issues, we hope to host loads of fun events and really create a sense of community between all of the LGBTQ+ students at GTC. We can’t wait to meet you all! If you have any ideas for events or would just like to get in contact with us – please reach out!


Male Welfare Officer: Daniele Cotton

Daniele Cotton wearing black t shirt standing in front of a woodland

Hi everyone! I’m Dan, the Male Welfare Officer. I focus on welfare issues facing college members and am a general point of contact to anyone who needs it. I organize events that promote wellbeing and publicize information on support services available to students. I also work closely with VP Welfare, VP Equality and Diversity, the Oxford University Students’ Union!


Music and Arts Representative: Jordan Gorenberg

Jordan Goreberg stood in front of white background wearing white shirt and glasses

I’m Jordan and I’m the Music and Arts Representative this year. I think music and arts are fundamental to GTC and building community. I know there are many people passionate about music and art. My role is to help facilitate events and societies that cater to these interests. In doing so, I hope to increase GTC’s reputation as a college with a robust music and art community. If you have any music or arts events you’d like to put on, please feel free to email me and I’ll make this happen!


Personal and Professional Development Officer: Francis Ayomoh

Francis Ayomoh stood in fron of wooden door wearing cream jumper with arms crossed

I am delighted to serve as the Personal and Professional Development Officer at the College for the 2021/2022 academic year.
My goal is to advance students personal, professional, and academic development, and foster student-alumni engagement. I work closely with the Student Engagement Officer and other members of the GCRC to schedule events tailored to students needs and interests. I am also a member of the Green Templeton College Academic Committee and provide feedback on students academic progress and needs.
I look forward to hearing from students about their personal and professional development needs or concerns as well as ideas for relevant events. You can also contact me if there is any information or concern you would want to raise with the College Academic Committee.


Professional Student Representative: Gemma Treeby

Gemma Treeby sat on a chair wearing a suit

Hi everyone. I am happy to be representing those of you in GTC who are doing the enormous juggling act of balancing a career with studying at Oxford. I work full time and lead two departments, so I can empathize with the challenges this creates. If there is anything I can do to support that equilibrium, or help you find ways to get the most out of your time at Oxford and in the GTC, I am happy to help. Please do get in touch.


Publicity Officer: Ben Lo

Ben Lo infront of the Radcliffe Camera

As a Publicity Officer, I focus on promoting GCR events organized by not limited to GCRC but also any GTC member. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any enquiry.


Sports and Societies Officer: Justin Kwong

Justin Kwong wearing a suit with a white shirt

Hi I’m Justin, your Sports and Societies Officer. My background is in electrical engineering and am currently completing a masters program in business administration. For societies, my goal is to increase engagement and longevity of our existing clubs along with aiding the creation of new ones. For sports, I will continue to support our college teams, athletes, and gym goers with their ongoing requests. In both verticals, providing a voice for our needs to college administration as well as planning related events.
Please do not hesitate to email me if there is anything you believe I can help with.


Webmaster: Isabella Camplisson

Isabella Camplisson wearing hiking gear stood in front of a mountain

Hi everyone! I’m Izzy – the Webmaster for this academic year. I control the mailing lists and our GCR page and suggestions box, and also put together the weekly events grapevine! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any suggestions for improvements 🙂