Green Templeton College has a range of facilities for sports and societies available for use by college members:

On-site gym

Located between the main college garden and Observatory Street, the standalone on-site gym at Green Templeton features spinning bikes, treadmills, cross-trainers, and a selection of free weights, balls and mats. Please contact the GCR’s Sports and Societies Rep for more information on joining, booking a gym induction and accessing the gym timetable.

Gym inductions are mandatory for all new users of the gym. You don’t need to do them again if you already attended an induction in a previous term. Students can get temporary access to the gym by signing a waiver form at the lodge. College offers inductions throughout term and new induction sessions will be announced as soon as they have been confirmed.

A gym calendar with all the bookings and gym classes is also available on the Green Templeton College intranet under the gym section.

Gym opening hours

06:00 – 23:00 Monday – Saturday
07:00 – 20:00 Sunday

Please note, that between 22:00 and 23:00 gym users must:

• Access the gym from the main college entrance (not the side gate)
• Not make loud noise or play music
• Keep the windows closed

This is to prevent disruption to the GTC families housed behind the gym on Observatory Street.

Tennis and squash courts

On Wednesday 27 June the tennis courts reopened. All users must pre-book a slot using the Outlook Calendar. Players who have not pr-booked will not be accepted into college. Full tennis and squash court user rules. Tennis court booking details.

Green Templeton is one of only a few colleges to have two all-weather hard surface tennis courts on-site. Bookings for the tennis courts can be made by contacting the Lodge.

The squash court is open daily from 06:00 to 23:00. Bookings can be made via an Outlook calendar. For instructions on how to set up the calendar or any other questions, please contact the Lodge.

Changing and shower facilities

The changing and shower facilities are now open in Fellowship House for all college members.

The Rotunda music room

The Rotunda provides a dedicated music practice room which is available to book for those who want somewhere outside of their residence to practice or for people to bring their musicality together. There is an online booking system available through the intranet or via the Lodge for practice sessions.

Equipment loan

The Rotunda has a number of instruments and equipment that can be loaned for use at college. Please note that items cannot be borrowed overnight.

Instrument storage

Instruments can be stored here for a limited period.

For any further information, to arrange a loan or storage contact: bursar.pa@gtc.ox.ac.uk.

Piano in Observatory Common Room

The Common Room is home to the college’s Yamaha grand piano which is used for recitals and special events. The piano is available for all members of the GTC community to use. The Common Room is a space that is used by our whole community for a variety of purposes and we ask that you are mindful of practicing times. We suggest that evenings are usually a good time to choose and when the Common Room is not booked.

The piano is kept locked and covered, with access via keys at the Lodge. Please feel free to call ahead to the Lodge to check if the room is free before you travel. If you have any queries please feel free to email Becca, bursar.pa@gtc.ox.ac.uk, with any queries.

Iffley Road Sports Centre

Green Templeton students are entitled to free membership of the sports centre & swimming pool at the Iffley Road Sports Centre. Simply go to the main reception with your University Card and fill in a form to get started.