Costs and Licence Terms

Room rents depend on size, facilities, and location. Some accommodation is located on the main Green Templeton College site, while other accommodation is within walking distance of the college.

Monthly rents summary 2022/23

Rents from 1 August 2022:

BandSizeBase rentPlus en-suiteDouble occupancy

Band A

less than 13 sq m



Band B

13-16.99 sq m




Band C

17-20.99 sq m




Band D

21 sq m or more




Accommodation / RoomsMonthly Rent

5 one-bedroom flats in Rewley Abbey Court and one at 13 Norham Gardens


Renovated one-bedroom flats at Rewley Abbey Court


Up to 17 standard two-bedroom flats in Rewley Abbey Court and one at 13 Norham Gardens


Renovated two bedroom flats at Rewley Abbey Court


Single bed flats:
1 small two x single bed flat in Rewley Abbey Court

Per room rent: £615

Smaller of two bedrooms in two-bedroom flat at Rewley Abbey Court


Renovated smaller bedroom in two bedroom flat at Rewley Abbey Court


Larger of two bedrooms in two-bedroom flats at Rewley Abbey Court


Renovated larger bedroom in two bedroom flat at Rewley Abbey Court


9 two-bedroom houses in Observatory Street


6 Observatory Street
(recently renovated)


Three-bedroom houses:
4 Observatory Street and
9 Observatory Street


Renovated three-bedroom houses:
1 and 3 Observatory Street


The standard license period for the properties normally runs from the end of September to the end of July each year, but this varies according to the accommodation chosen. Detailed license terms will be provided upon booking the specific room, flat or house.

Monthly rents include water, heating, light, electric, and gas charges.

Contents insurance is provided by Endsleigh and is included in your rent charge. Covid-19: Insurance Provision by Endsleigh


The college requires a £500 deposit to secure your accommodation. This is required with your accommodation acceptance form. Deposits are non-refundable if you find alternative accommodation prior to moving in, unless agreed by the Domestic Bursar Teresa Strike. Deposits are returned at the end of your residence, subject to any deductions required for end of tenancy cleaning and / or maintenance and repair works.

Paying for accommodation

Your accommodation charge is payable by Direct Debit, unless the college otherwise agrees, in accordance with your Licence Agreement.

The college requires you to have a UK bank account from which payments by Direct Debit can be made and into which the Deposit will be paid after the Licence Agreement ends. Students without a UK bank account must open one within two weeks from the date on which the Licence Agreement starts.

The college must be in receipt of cleared funds for the first month’s licence fee by the time your licence starts otherwise your keys will not be issued.

Any queries regarding accommodation payment should be addressed to Senior Finance Officer Kathleen Scroggins.

Important documents


For any questions please contact our Accommodation Team – Nick Martin and Emirose Cottington.

Phone: +44 (0)1865 274795

Flowers in the Observatory gardens at Green Templeton College

Covid-19: Insurance provision by Endsleigh

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