Academic Enhancement

Green Templeton College aims to enhance the academic experience by providing additional support to students through their time studying in Oxford.

Research Students

The college arranges a number of opportunities for Research Students to meet to discuss their work with other students and with fellows.

For example:

  • Year One: a chance to meet Green Templeton’s Research Fellows and learn more about their own projects over dinner
  • Year Two: all research students offered the opportunity to present their work to college members in Trinity term
  • Year Three: a chance to invite your departmental supervisor to dinner at Green Templeton.

Quantitative Methods and Statistics Support

The college is able to offer classes and tuition in Quantitative Methods and Statistics to support that provided by departments.

These are principally designed for students with little or no prior knowledge and experience of statistical techniques and analysis. The instructor is Associate Fellow Dr Coral Milburn-Curtis, a highly experienced teacher who has recently completed a DPhil in Education at Green Templeton.

Academic Grants

Students are encouraged to organise their own academic-related events and activities in college. Limited funding (not normally exceeding £1,000 per activity) is available to assist with such events.

Academic Projects

Students are encouraged to engage with the various academic initiatives hosted by Green Templeton. Past opportunities have included being a Graduate Assistant Participant at the Emerging Markets Symposium or a poster presenter at the Global Health Policy Programme mHealth conference.