Giving Day 2021

The college hosted its second Giving Day on Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 June 2021.

Giving Day presents an opportunity for the whole Green Templeton community, alumni, students, fellows and staff to come together and raise much needed funds to support students, widen access through scholarships, maintain the college’s architectural heritage and to give students an enhanced experience through access to funds that support community projects and extra-curricular activities.

We hope there was something for everyone during the 36 hours of Giving Day, and as you enjoyed the events and were reminded of your time and connection to Green Templeton, you will consider making a regular gift to the college.

Thank you!

Virtual Events Programme

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Why support Giving Day?

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Online Auction

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Everything that happened on Giving Day 2021!

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Radcliffe Observatory Flowers

How to donate on Giving Day

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Staff members throw their hands in the air outside the Radcliffe Observatory


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