Covid-19 Risk-Reduction Measures for Meeting Rooms

Green Templeton continues to make the safety of all college members and guests a priority. Consequently, we are continuing to take a range of measures in order to allow meetings and events to take place whilst also protecting college members, bookings, and guests to the highest possible level.

The range of measures outlined below and Green Templeton’s coronavirus guidance more generally are based on (but not limited to) guidance from the UK government and the University of Oxford as well as our own risk assessments.


Good ventilation helps reduce the spread of COVID-19. Most of our meeting rooms allow windows and/or doors to be open to provide a natural ventilation method. Green Templeton recommends that all bookings and events keep windows open as much as possible.

Barclay Room

Those spaces that cannot provide natural ventilation (such as the EP Abraham Lecture Theatre) utilise mechanical ventilation in the form of air conditioning or mechanical extract ventilation with make-up air. In addition, the EP Abraham Lecture Theatre has been equipped with HEPA air purifiers to help to neutralise viral spores which can be effective up to 99%.

Air Purifier


Hand Sanitiser and Antibacterial Wipes

Each meeting room at Green Templeton is supplied with complimentary hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes for attendees to use. Booking organisers ought to encourage all participants to use the hand sanitiser provided when entering and exiting the meeting room (and wherever else necessary) and to wipe down any surfaces using the antibacterial wipes provided before and after use.
In addition, wall-mounted and freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers can be found across college grounds (including at the entrance Lodge), making it easy for everyone visiting college to use hand sanitiser whenever necessary.


Hand Sanitiser

Room Capacity and Social Distancing

Green Templeton recommends that attendees keep a reasonable distance from each other where possible.


Meeting rooms will be disinfected at the start of each day. These rooms are only bookable through events and will be secured after cleaning to prevent entry. Therefore only Green Templeton staff can access any room you book on the day of the booking.

High touch point areas (e.g. tables, chair armrests, door handles, light switches) will be cleaned.

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