Green Templeton College’s governance structure ensures that accountability and compliance with requirements set by law and by the Charity Commission is at the centre of discussions.

Governing Body sets the overall strategy and policies for the college. The Executive Team (Principal, Senior Tutor, and Bursar) are responsible for delivering day-to-day, including with support from College Champions leading task forces on particular topics, such as green or equality issues.

Committees of the Governing Body are split into three groupings:

  • Governance Committees (Risk & Scrutiny, Remuneration)
  • Academic Committees (Academic, Fellowship)
  • College Committees (Buildings, Finance & Investment, Human Resources, Student Welfare)

Committees are subject to change according to the needs of the college, and with the approval of the Governing Body.

Minutes of all committees are available to all Governing Body fellows, who are welcome to attend and contribute to discussions at any committee meeting, though any decision-making votes would be confined to the formal members of the committee in question.

College Officers are:

Committee membership lists, meeting agendas and papers, and meeting schedules, are available to committee members on the intranet.

For further information about Green Templeton’s governance, or committees, please get in touch with the Secretary to the Governing Body: Dr Richard Cuthbertson